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Supply Chain Management + Finacials = Better Together

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May 27, 2020

2:00 PM EST

Supply Chain Management + Financials = Better Together

The Unified Model for a Winning Combination


Today’s executives are under pressure to deliver detailed financial forecasts, operational plans, and sales forecasts; yet these planning processes are inconsistent with each other and often operate in silos. Balancing the demand and supply plans with the strategic expectations through Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP/IBPx), allows visibility of future financial impacts of executed decisions.

Financials are at the heart of all business processes. Developing what-if scenarios and identifying decisions that improve financial KPI’s is crucial.

Join us to learn true benefits of how Oracle’s IBPx provides a best in class integration of data integrity, visibility, and predictability for an un-siloed approach for long-term financial expectations.


  • Oracle’s Perspective on a Unified Data Model for Resilient Supply Chains
  • Supply Chain Planning Perspective
  • Financial Perspective
  • Real Benefits of Combining

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